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          China firmly opposes THAAD site selection更多 >>
          • The result indicated that Shanghai students are better at solving static problems than interactive ones.
          • Wang Yan, Songs mother, said she cannot understand why the university sent her daughter, a preschool education major, to make USB data lines of smartphones at Foxconn.
          • It has conducted inspections on 8,587 companies in major polluting industries, of which 304 were required to suspend production, another 112 were shut down and 128 companies were required to stop construction.
          • In another all Premier League tie, Stoke City came back from a goal down to win 2-1 at Sunderland thanks to a double from Spaniard Marc Muniesa.
          • He said: I believe the donation is a testament to the deep friendship between our two countries.
          • Corliss will train for the whole summer in Europe and help organize the preliminary selection for the second World Wingsuit Championship to be held on Tianmen Mountain on Oct 13.
          • They say high-end service cannot be provided on a large scale because it is designed to cater for individual clients demands.
          • The top discipline inspection body published on Saturday an extensive list of telephone numbers, postal addresses, e-mail accounts and other contacts in 24 provinces, autonomous religions, municipalities and cities, as well as four ministries, prominently on its homepage to invite the public to submit tip-offs about excessive spending by officials.
          • 9 million people facing drinking water shortages and nearly 3.
          • Before they were killed they had saved 25 workers.
          • Some of the most memorable moments in my childhood were when my parents read the Little Mermaid to me before I went to bed when I was very little.
          • Zhu Haibin, JP Morgans China chief economist, predicted China would focus its main efforts on reforms in administration, finance and the fiscal sector in 2014, saying the effect of reforms in the short term depended on both the sequence and pace of the implementation of policies.
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